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QuestionYes I am African American. I was also wondering how was the food and the dorm life overall all there? I read on a few review site that Stetson is a commuter school and is dead on the weekends is that true? Is there things to do on the weekends I don't mean just parties but activities in general? Sorry for all the questions Answer

Dorm life totally varies based on who is in your hall and who your roommate is. 

The campus is very quiet on the weekends. It helps somewhat if you live in dorms and your roommate does too. It also helps to have a car.

On campus the only things that tend to happen on weekends are occasional classical music concerts and team sport games.

Any other questions? Sorry for the dreary mood, I had a test today, have two on Thursday and one next Monday. Two of those future tests are hard. Haaaaaaaaaaaard.

Studying this week! One of my babies! Four tests. One tomorrow, two Thursday, one next Monday.

  • Appealing nourish long Values Day speaker that I missed in lieu of studying for Accounting and not being on a wooden bench for that long with my beautiful body. But really I heard this speaker was great for this year’s event! In Lee Chapel in Elizabeth Hall.

    Really quick because I spent 10am-6pm today doing no good work.

    I have grown really attached to the Cross Cultural Center. Let me list why!

    • Open 8am to 2am everyday, which is a lot better than other buildings
    • A second home of sorts. You can do a lot besides find a bed or shower. You can cook, relax, watch TV, chat etc. Very flexible environment
    • It can be as quiet or loud as you want. Usually the building is quiet so it is comfortable enough to relax a bit, and try to do work
    • You can socialize freely as well
    • You can utilize a full kitchen with stove, microwave, fridge, freezer and pans
    • Three computers to do work or relax on
    • Two sofas to sit or lie in

    Honestly can’t think of a more flexible and open place to be at on Stetson campus. Sure you can be in a 24 hour center or your dorm, but you still don’t have a kitchen to leverage or a quiet place to allow concentration. This is just an opinion, though I wish more people used the space. It is unique with every bullet point I put about it.

    Bye! Have a nice weekend!

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    QuestionIm a senior in high school and I am interested in attending stetson but I have a few questions. Im a minority and I was wondering how diverse is it? In the beginning wanted to attend a state university to get the "full college experience" do you feel like you get a good experience at stetson? Answer

    The Director of Diversity and Inclusion is Yolany at

    Honestly it depends on which race you are. I mean, if you’re me and Asian you almost never see other Asians. If you are African American there are more of them on campus, most def.

    Besides that? Stetson is still a majority white campus. Around 60%. Not under 50 but not over 80 either. It shows every day. Think about what diversity means to you first, is my opinion. 

    Haha I am pretty thankful going to Stetson experience wise that we have class sizes of 25 and under. We also can see professors outside of class for extra help. Good friggin luck finding that at a university with 10000+ students. There wouldn’t be space, so you get classes with 40-100 students! How can you get your questions in? You might not be able to. Good luck finding your professor with the 39-99 others and the professor’s extra 39-99 essays and tests to grade or find teacher assistants to grade.

    Extra questions?

    Taking a break in the Cross Cultural Center with tea generously provided by a staff member. Have lots to do but want to work on myself, my personal things first.


    About Values Day. Values Day is an annual day off from classes to spend with students and faculty learning about values. Here I go:

    1. I got up late(r) at 7ish am
    2. Left at 7:30am to be at the Stetson Room in the CUB for Values Day volunteering
    3. I left to store food in the Cross Cultural Center
    4. One of the staff asked me to move Values Day shirt boxes into a car
    5. We fit all but two boxes so I and a grad student carried a box each away to Elizabeth Hall
    6. After three breaks I put the box away
    7. I came back and everyone had left
    8. I hitched a ride from Heather in Center for Community Engagement
    9. I spent 90 minutes socializing with people at The Arc
    10. I came back and studied for an hour for my Accounting test tommorow (aka today) instead of going to the keynote speaker
    11. I got info from non profit organizations looking for volunteers at the Global Citizenship Fair
    13. I chatted with a friend about my family for 30 minutes
    14. I sat outside the CUB to let my stomach digest….I ate a lot
    15. I rushed 10 minutes late to a Values Day Workshop at the business school about how Millennials are perceived. That is the 15-30 ish year olds reading me as of 2014. Great session about how us youth are perceived
    16. I rushed to Sage Hall/sciences for a Workshop about making your Spiritual Life Map. Good stuff too!
    17. I rushed to the LBC/business to study Accounting with two classmates
    18. I got a slice of pizza and a drink with a professor, and talked about college life and the social climate around Stetson, and other sociologically minded things
    19. I ran five minutes late to a meeting for the Enactus club on campus at the LBC
    20. Attended meeting, reflected on talk with professor
    21. I walked home
    22. I talked with a neighbor for about 100 minutes about how the day was going, and how to get rid of my roaches in my home that still befuddle me.
    23. I went home, brushed my teeth, put things away, and fell asleep
    24. zzzzz…..

    Got my name tag today for my Multicultural Student Council exec job as volunteer coordinator! #officehours #food

    Obama video addresses newly naturalized US citizens

    Naturalization ceremony at Lee Chapel. People becoming US citizens. Lots of different people. Full audience. Babies, likely relatives, Stetson faculty, becoming a US citizen. I take my citizenship for granted. It came included with my birth!